NVMe External Enclosure


Kingston Digital KC1000 NVMe PCIe 480GB SSD

My three NVMe SSD Enclosures:

ORICO Aluminum M.2 NVMe SSD Enclosure

ORICO Aluminum M.2 NVMe SSD Enclosure

Sabrent USB 3.1 Aluminum Enclosure

Sabrent USB 3.1 Aluminum Enclosure for M.2 NVMe SSD in Gray (EC-NVME)

ZEXMTE M.2 NVMe USB 3.1 Adapter

ZEXMTE M.2 NVME USB 3.1 Adapter M-Key M.2 NGFF NVME to USB

Unstable Unstable Unstable

USB Host Controller

Device Control Chip

--------------------- USB Device Descriptor ---------------------bLength                  : 0x12 (18 bytes)
bDescriptorType : 0x01 (Device Descriptor)
bcdUSB : 0x320 (USB Version 3.20)
bDeviceClass : 0x00
bDeviceSubClass : 0x00
bDeviceProtocol : 0x00
bMaxPacketSize0 : 0x09 (9 bytes)
idVendor : 0x152D (JMicron Technology Corp.)
idProduct : 0x0583
bcdDevice : 0x0204
iManufacturer : 0x01 (String Descriptor 1)
Language 0x0409 : "JMicron"
iProduct : 0x02 (String Descriptor 2)
Language 0x0409 : "External"
iSerialNumber : 0x03 (String Descriptor 3)
Language 0x0409 : "DD564198838A5"
bNumConfigurations : 0x01 (1 Configuration)

USB Cable

USB 3.0 Cable


AS SSD Benchmark




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