Out of Memory, Find Leaked RAM.

What happens to the computer when out of memory?

Out of memory is in an unstable state. Don’t assume that every program has out of memory testing or protection. In addition to the various crashes of the program, the most serious is that the display driver cannot work at all and then you will see nothing of your screen. If you cannot open the background remote DEBUG, you can only restart the computer by pressing the RESET button. One of the most troubling things is playing games, inexplicable delays and even crashes. This problem has been particularly noticeable since I install my new 4K screen.

Is It a Microsoft Problem?

I decided to solve this problem. Finally, it took a whole day to find it and there is only one imperfect solution.


The system was unable to successfully switch back to available memory. Then we have to force the system to do this conversion manually.

Additional information:

After updating to 1903, this problem seems to have improved. The standby memory problem is solved (need more tests).


Another Memory Leak And Hard to Track:

My new computer has 64GB of RAM installed, but it still suffers out of memory for some weird case. This problem is not the one mentioned above that Standby cannot be converted into usable memory. This issue may be related to driver or resource leak. Once again, we have to use the RamMap tool to observe the problem.

RamMap Indicated Shareable Memory Leak
Process Hacker System Information


Poolmon: A Microsoft tool form Windows SDK.
PoolmonX: GUI version Poolmon. A standalone tool and you don’t need SDK.
RAMMap: The tool you must have for memory usage monitor!
ProcessExplorer: The best task management tool.
ProcessHacker: Another Process Explorer.
Empty Standby List: Turn Standby memory to free.



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